The Lands of Rylos

Starting from the north and working down south are the regions of the island of Rylos. Its here that the Maaran civilization made a stand thousands of years ago against the antediluvian invasion.

Mountains of Sumetra

On the northern part of Rylos rests the Sumetra mountains. These dusky grey mountains line the entire northern part of the island, with an active volcano (Geld) to the far west. In between the mountain range lies the ground zero crater, a crater one hundred miles long and twice as deep. It was here that the world was torn asunder. Strangely enough, it is also the point where the least amount of paranormal power resides. Its believed the power that weakened the dimensional walls of reality moved like a current, affecting the rest of the world in higher concentration the further from the crater.

City of New Aebylon

Built below the ground zero crater lies the capital of Maaran society, known as Aebylon, The City of Hope. Here the rooftops litter with points of soft white light, as luminescent crops are grown where they can be defended. The architecture here is akin to a medieval multi-layered, walled city stretching for miles. The materials for homes however are mostly stone and mud. Its here that at least 80% of the Maaran population resides. Many of the colleges of war are also here.

The Ruins, aka Graveyard of the Maar

South of Aebylon lies the once populous Maaran civilization and the ruins of their advanced technology. During the events of the cataclysm, the Maaran history records that the entire islands infrastructure fell in only an hours time. They record a great supernatural storm that swept from the mountains and onto the rest of the island, covering it in darkness and raining meteors that hatched horrors from another dimension. For hundreds of miles the once megalopolis stretched outwards, covering most of the island at one point. Now all that resides of this place are structurally weakened and crumbling buildings, devoid of most plant life.

Exile City

West of the Ruin lies the great hovel of a city called Exile. Its here that many of the raptured come to live. Many dozens of different races reside here, all looking for their own food and homes. This patchwork city has many problems plaguing it, such as disease and crime. Many that live here come to disdain the Maarans for this cities condition. However, no Maaran rules over Exile. Instead, the people rule over themselves and on occasion a ruler emerges though popular vote or might of arms. Most of the time the city is broken up into different segregated ghettos, unofficially ruled by gangs.

Kismet Lake and the Cathedral of the Foehammer

East of Aebylon the race of humans have colonized this area under the name of their god, Tempus. Two thousand years ago, a exiled sect of human worshipers of Tempus were raptured into Eclipse from the world of Toril. It was then that the humans created a home for themselves in what was once a region of land devoid of life, now a stunning lake of beauty and a grand cathedral devoted to Tempus. Their order allows for any human to have stay within their confines as long as they obey the will of their Imperial Cardinal.

In their history, upon their arrival the Maaran record them as zenophobic and attempted a coup against them. Their coup failed, the Maaran executed their leader known then as Warlord Agast. With their leader dead and their powers and technology no match for the Maaran might, they were allowed to inhabit the once dead zone of Kismet. With Exarch (their high level clerics) might and later science, the humans here cultivated this region of dead land and created one of the only areas with sustainable plant life.

The elite militant warrior casts are found here Tempus Hammers

Whitefalls and Everfrost City

South-west of the Ruins lie the Whitefalls forest, and at its heart the Everfrost City. Not all Maar see eye-to-eye on political and religious matters. Thousands of years ago the Maar broke into two factions, one that restructured their belief system to include their use of psychic magic, and one to exclude it from their race altogether. These Maar have excluded magic from their culture though the use of an ancient divine system of magic known throughout the cosmos in various worlds (clerics). They saturate their young of magical potency and seep it into their ground water, nourishing their lands and creating the Whitefalls forest they inhabit to this day.

The racial-type and divine order are found here The Clement Order

Geld Volcano

North-west of Aebylon the Geld volcano stirs with activity. This monstrous active volcano causes ash to rain down upon the land. Due to powerful prevailing winds the ash seldom lands upon the rest of Rylos in heavy amounts. These dark mountains hold a host of ancient secrets that may shed light as to what the horrors are, for they contain unearthed antediluvian ruins opened up by tectonic activity.

Death Zone

Little is known of the area simply known as the ‘Death Zone’. What’s undisputed however is this area is a section of the island that was overwhelmed by the antediluvian horrors and in an attempt to contain the threat, great magic was used to erect a wall and keep the horrors at bay.


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